Snapshots From My Cousin’s Baby Shower


Last Sunday I hosted my first baby shower! It was so much fun and a huge success. The shower featured fall decor and food with a ‘lil pumpkin’ theme. The colors were orange, chocolate brown, cream, and baby blue. The menu was vegetarian with several of the dishes catering to our vegan guests.

I made a vegan version of my stuffed mushrooms, onion dip with rosemary potato chips, spinach and artichoke galette (this was a crowd favorite!), tomato soup, sage and pistachio pesto grilled cheese sandwiches, and a big green salad with butternut squash. We set up a candy bar and let guests help themselves to a bag of candy as a party favor.

We only played one game: present opening Bingo and everyone had a blast with it. Check out all the photos and stay tuned — I’ll be sharing my sparkling cider sangria recipe here soon!

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Special thank you shout outs to my parents, Aileen, Alyssa, and Kathy for helping make the event so memorable. And of course to the lovely Alli Fitzpatrick for taking all these photos!

3 thoughts on “Snapshots From My Cousin’s Baby Shower

  1. Looks like a beautiful event. Love fall decor….and think a ‘lil pumpkin’ theme is a great idea for this time of year

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