Inspiration Gathering: The Big Game Tailgate

tailgateinspo1When I say that I’ve been hosting parties for years, it’s not a lie. Exhibit A: my upcoming big game tailgate. It only happens every other year, when Cal plays at Stanford. Berkeley doesn’t really have the space to tailgate, so ten years ago, I threw my first tailgate in a massive field next to the Stanford Stadium. Two years later I threw the party again and this year, 2013, marks the tenth year and my 5th biennial tailgate!

As you can imagine an anniversary of this sorts requires a beyond fabulous party. I’m envisioning tons of classic tailgate elements (folding tables and blue solo cups) with fun games (beer pong and flip cup) and a delicious spread of sinful dishes. The color scheme? Blue and gold, obviously!

tailgateinsp2The game time has yet to be announced, so I haven’t finalized the menu yet. My ideal game time is 5 PM, so we can start tailgating around 1 PM and serve a late lunch. However, my father and brother insist that game time will either be noon or 7 PM, both horrible times for a tailgate. I prefer noon because we can get their early and have breakfast foods and bloody Marys. Fingers crossed that the tailgate gods are with me!

One last thing: I know that Cal has a horrible record this year. They haven’t won one Pac-12 game and while this is terribly upsetting, it doesn’t mean I won’t be there to cheer on my Golden Bears. My first year on the Cal Dance Team we had the same record, but I went into each game believing that we could and would win — and this is what I’ll do come November 23. GO BEARS!

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