Breakfast vs. Brunch

IMG_3824It drives me absolutely crazy when people misuse the term brunch. I’m not sure why it bugs me, but it does. If a friend calls me and says she wants to do brunch, but suggests we meet at 9:30 am, I can’t help but point out that we wouldn’t be having brunch, but breakfast instead. Am I being a stickler? Sort of, I guess, but the dictionary defines brunch as ‘a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch.’

Brunch is more leisurely than breakfast and alcoholic beverages are strongly encouraged which are both huge pluses, however one of the most important ingredients of brunch is the ability to sleep in. You can stay in bed until 11 am or 12 noon and still enjoy an amazingly delicious brunch!

IMG_3669To me, brunch takes place between 11 am and 3 pm. A meal after noon that consists of breakfast foods is brunch. A meal between the hours of 7 am and 11 am is breakfast. One could argue that any leisurely morning meal on a Sunday is brunch, but I don’t think the day of the week matters as much as the time of the meal.

Since spring is in the air and it’s the season for brunching, I recommend using the proper term. What’s your take on breakfast vs brunch? Does the time matter? Or is it the day of the week that’s more significant?

4 thoughts on “Breakfast vs. Brunch

  1. Brunch to me means I need to think about my outfit. A breakfast date only means I need to arrive minus bed head, and the outfit is not as critical.

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