My Favorite Things May 2014

IMG_4120Recently, one of my oldest friends called me out like only someone who has known you since fourth grade can call you out. She pointed out that I keep saying I’m going to post more here on the website, but then I never follow through. She wasn’t saying it to make me feel bad, she was just stating the facts, but ugh, she is totally right. So I’m not making any promises — however know that it’s a goal to be consistent with my articles here while also implementing some fun changes. Take my favorite things for example. I’ve decided to start including places I’ve enjoyed checking out and dishes that I can’t stop thinking about. Here’s what caught my eye over the past thirty-one days.

IMG_4370Turkey burgers. It’s grilling season and I’m obsessed with turkey burgers. I’m working on a recipe for a super delicious Italian meatball-inspired version with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and crispy olive bread; stay tuned!

IMG_4473Mission Bowling Club. I’m a little late to jump on the bandwagon, but I finally went to Mission Bowl and it was fabulous with a capital F. My sister’s boyfriend works there and a group of close friends went on a Sunday night, so it wasn’t crowded. Even though I had the lowest bowling score, the cocktails were lovely, the patio large and airy, and the atmosphere festive. I’m already looking forward to going again.

IMG_4348The Giants. I went to two Giants games with my parents and both nights were unusually warm. It was so fun to embrace the team spirit, sip an icy cold beer, and snack on a bunch of peanuts. Plus, we are winning!

IMG_4483Workshop. Last week, I went to an event for Auchentoshan at Workshop this cool space that offers classes in everything from floral crowning to screen printing. I’ve been wanting to learn something new, so I plan to sign up for a few classes soon.

IMG_4123Roses. It’s a complete cliche, but this time of year, I love going on walks and checking out the beautiful roses that are in bloom. It’s inspiring for someone who hopes to have a rose garden of her own one day!

IMG_4505Lillet. My current spirit obsession is the French aperitif known as Lillet. It’s refreshing in a simple spritzer and excellent as a component of a more complex cocktail.

IMG_4145RN74‘s kale salad. Kale salads have become way too ubiquitous, yet at a lunch for Lasseter Family Winery, I had a kale salad that was mind-blowing. RN74’s rendition had delicate baby leaves of kale tossed with paper thin croutons and a creamy lavender yogurt dressing. It was different, memorable, and scrumptious.

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