Getting Piggy With It

photo 1 copy

Earlier this month, my best friend’s family hosted their second annual pig roast. Her dad is sort of like Bobby Flay and is super into grilling and all the gadgets that go along with it. He’s got the Big Green Egg and a Caja China, which is what they used to roast the whole pig. The night before the party, Katie (yes, my best friend and I have the same name!) and her dad injected the pig with a citrus and spice mojo. The morning of the event they loaded it into the Caja China and let the box do it’s magic. It really is amazing what these Caja Chinas do! The skin ends up crunchy and delicious and the meat is moist and succulent.

Cooking a pig in a Caja China also teaches everyone at the event the true meaning of pulled pork. When a pig is cooked whole, someone has to physically pull all the meat off of the bones. According to Katie’s dad, Martin, it’s traditional for an all female team of five women to pull the hot meat from the pig. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to pull it. We wore rubber gloves and were surprised at how quickly the pig was pulled. Check out the video below to see how we did it!

photo 2

A bed of coals sit on top of the Caja China. Inside the pig cooks.

photo 1

Martin put a grill grate on top of the coals. Perfect for cooking my bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed jalapenos!

photo 4 10.36.30 AM

To ensure the pig is cooked evenly, Martin had to flip it half way through cooking.

photo 3 copy

Sonia, me, and Katie gearing up to pull the pig!

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