Snapshots From a Recent Dinner Party


Lately I’ve been day dreaming about living in a house. Not just any old house, but a lovely three bedroom house all for myself! It would be the ideal house for entertaining. One bedroom (with a glorious walk-in closet) would be for myself, another room would serve as a creative studio where I would have a large comfortable desk and lots of organized crafting supplies, and the final room would be a guest bedroom for me to host my friends and family. Of course, there would also be a dining room with a table big enough to seat twelve adults, a garden with plenty of cutting flowers and a Meyer lemon tree, a pool with several lounges for tanning in the sun, and a big kitchen with an island, tons of cabinets, granite countertops, and bar stools.

Yes, the dinner table is in the middle of the studio!

Yes, the dinner table is in the middle of the studio!

It would be the best space for throwing all sorts of splendid soirees. One day I hope to have this sort of house, but sometimes it feels so horribly unattainable, especially being a single girl who panics at the start of every month that she won’t have enough money to pay her rent. The good thing is, I do have a space that I can entertain in and often do. It’s a small studio that requires a lot of rearranging for a party, but as you can tell by the following photos, it works perfectly. Here’s a better look at one of my dinner parties.

It was a birthday dinner for a friend, who loves comforting childhood foods. The menu consisted of classic cheese pizza that I made on lavash with homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, fontina, and parmesan cheese, roast chicken with bread salad and mashed potatoes, and classic vanilla birthday cake. Lemon drops and lots of wine were the beverages while gold, black, and white with hints of pink was the color scheme.

I turn my bed to make it feel more like a day bed for guests to lounge on.

I turn my bed to make it feel more like a day bed for guests to lounge on.









A special thanks to my dear friend, the artist Vikki Cruz, for taking these photos.

One thought on “Snapshots From a Recent Dinner Party

  1. Very inspirational to all those who need to make the best of the situation they are living in. Great article. Nice photos, too. Love, AA

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