Photo Journals
What I’ve Been Eating April 8, 2013
Snapshots From My Brainstorming Luncheon
The Blue and Green of the Dominican Republic, in Snapshots
Snapshots From My Valentine’s Day Celebrations
A Few Pics From My Super Bowl Party
Snapshots From Aileen’s Birthday Party
What I’ve Been Eating, Holiday 2012 Edition
A Sneak Peak of My Apartment Remodel
What I’ve Been Eating November 19, 2012
Here’s What’s Happening at the Palace
Underneath My Feet
What I’ve Been Eating July 2, 2012
Snapshots From Spring in D.C.
South American Sky Snapshots
What I’ve Been Eating May 9, 2o12
Snapshots From a Bolivian Farmers Market
Snapshots From Sarah’s Bridal Shower
What I’ve Been Eating March 14, 2012
Party, Party, Party
What I’ve Been Eating February 21, 2012
Some Favorite Food Photos

My Favorite Things
My Favorite Things March 2013
Five Favorites February 2013
My Top 10 Tastes From the Fancy Foods Show
Five Favorites November 2012
Five Favorites August 2012
Spring 2012 Obsessions

Inspirational Articles
My 2013 New Year’s Resolutions
How to Create a Vision Board
Poems From My Past
Don’t Forget to Give Back
The Time I Tried Out for The Warrior Girls

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