10 Easy, But Fabulous Ways to Celebrate Halloween

DSC03321Happy Halloween! You didn’t think I’d let a holiday pass without sharing my favorite ways to celebrate it, did you?! Although I’m not dressing up tonight, I went to an over-the-top Halloween house party last Saturday as Daisy Duck. It was such a good time! If you’re still in need of spooktacular inspiration, here are my suggestions for ghoulish fun.

1. Carve a pumpkin. Use your hands to pull out all the seeds. Put it on your porch or in your window with a candle inside.

2. Don’t throw those pumpkin seeds away. Rinse them, toss with oil, salt, pepper, and pimenton. Roast until golden and enjoy with an icy cold beer.

3. Dance around your house to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Clothes optional.

IMG_26454. Put on a costume and go out for drinks. Dressing up as someone or something else is a sure fire way to let go of your inhibitions and have a blast.

5. Eat some Halloween candy. The other day, after eating an entire regular-sized Reese’s peanut butter cup, my friend Sonia and I had a ten-minute long text conversation about how insanely delicious they are. Seriously, you can’t be in a bad mood while eating Halloween candy.

6. Enjoy a comforting dinner (like lamb ragu) and follow it up with a scary movie! Ok, yes, this is what I’m doing tonight.

7. Finish every conversation with anyone you interact with, be it the dude at Peet’s, the checker at Whole Foods, or your Uber driver, with an enthusiastic “Happy Halloween!”

8. Wear orange and black. They are the official colors of the holiday!

9. Give candy out to trick-or-treaters. Make positive comments on their costumes even if they aren’t very cute.

10. Have a cocktail or two or an entire punch bowl. Come on, you can’t really celebrate a holiday without a drink. Throw some light-up ice cubes in and cheers!


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